Wrongfully Denied Business Interruption Insurance? We Can Help.

Small business owners have been victimized when wrongfully denied ‘business interruption’ insurance coverage during COVID-19.  Fenters Ward is helping small businesses owners prosecute these cases and tracking developments nation-wide for you.

I’m Attorney Josh Ward. Our law firm represents thousands of Pennsylvanians who are harmed by predatory business practices each year.  We also represent people who have physical injuries against insurance companies. 

In mid-April national media outlets, and even The White House, have commented on what is now becoming wide-spread predatory conduct.  An article from Insurance Business Magazine explains business interruption insurance.

Many are unaware that their business owner’s policy has this type of coverage.  Imagine paying for this coverage for thirty-five (35) years, only to recently find out it existed, and the insurance company refuses to pay a cent.  This is a classic example of a predatory business practice.  This is what is known as a ‘bad faith’ insurance claim. 

What is Business Interruption Coverage?

It is a policy that kicks-in when your business loses income due to a covered ‘peril’ or ‘event’.  Common examples are floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and pandemics.  Usually there is a list of events that are covered and those that are not covered.  Also, there are important time limits in which to file a claim.  There are also caps and time periods that specify how much coverage a small business can receive. 

In order to protect your rights, you need to file a claim quickly and accurately.  Do not try to navigate these issues alone.  Your claim must contain the right language in order to qualify; otherwise, the insurance company can deny your claim if you do not phrase it properly. 

Speed is a factor. If you are wrongly denied coverage, you need a law firm that will act quickly.  At Fenters Ward we process over a thousand lawsuits in court each year.  You may have a claim under Pennsylvania’s bad faith insurance statute.  Thousands of claims may be filed – you need a law firm that will file quickly and resolve the case quickly. 

Be aware, although the courts are closed, the time limitations to file a claim are still in place. Do not delay in contacting an attorney. Call our law firm at 412-545-3016. Let us win your next fight.

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