Wilkinsburg, PA, USA-One Of The Smallest Municipality in the Us

Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, is a city located in Allegheny County, in Pennsylvania, United States. Its official population is 15,030, which makes it one of the smallest municipalities in Pennsylvania and the tenth smallest municipality in the entire United States. Wilkinsburg was incorporated as a town in 1855 and was originally a small farming community. Click here for facts about Pittsburgh, PA.

Wilkinsburg’s location is also a factor in its population growth. As you drive through downtown Wilkinsburg, you will notice a bustling city that is filled with people and businesses. Wilkinsburg, however, has not always been as bustling as it is today. It was primarily a small farming community until the Second World War. With that being the case, Wilkinsburg, which is located on what was known as the “Farmington River”, has had its share of challenges and difficulties in the past. Click here to read about Swissvale, Pennsylvania-A City With A Rich History.

The people of Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, USA, have however, made the area into a great place to live. Wilkinsburg’s economy is based mostly around agriculture and the food industry and the city is known for being a farming community. In addition, many of its residents are well educated and hold advanced degrees in science and technology and engineering. One of the most important industries in the area is that of petroleum and gas and the people who work in this industry are extremely well compensated. They earn more than most Americans, even those with jobs in the same field.

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