Visit Mattress Factory

There are many great attractions in Pittsburgh, but if you love art and want to know more about them, be sure to check out Mattress Factory. It’s the ideal place to spend an afternoon or a whole day. It’s great for people of all age groups and it’s sure to put a smile on the face of everyone in your family. See more here.

Things to Do

Then immerse yourself in unconventional art experience at Mattress Factory. The museum features exhibits from established and up-and-coming artists. Mattress Factory was built in 1977 and played a vital role in bringing the culture to this town. The museum inhibited many buildings that were abandoned. Since it appeals to tourists, it has made this neighborhood a beautiful place to visit. Discover facts about Best Attractions in Pittsburgh.

The museum has been specializing in modern installation art, and exhibits are explicitly designed for the space that they are displayed. Guests are allowed to experience the modern art using their senses, they can walk around, examine and also touch the displays. Even though some exhibits are permanently fixed, others tend to rotate often to keep the museum fresh and display a range of arts. 

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