Top Zoos & Aquariums Around Pittsburgh, PA

 One for The Animal Lovers

If you love exploring wildlife and learning about them, Pittsburgh might have a few things in store for you. The city is home to thousands of species of birds, animals, and sea life. A good number of them are housed in different zoos aquariums and conservatories for your viewing pleasure as well as protecting them. If you are in Pittsburgh looking for an enjoyable aquarium tour, here are a few good suggestions. See more here.

National Aviary

Boasting a collection of over six hundred exotic and endangered birds from almost every continent, National Aviary is quite popular among locals. Here, you get the opportunity to learn a lot about the planet, with the staff being very knowledgeable and friendly. You can also try the bird flight simulator that is lots of fun. An ideal place for kids of all ages as well as adults. See here for information about Pittsburgh, PA Is an Art Lovers Town.


Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Wildlife at its best! The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium provides over seventy-seven acres of fun. Here, you will get an eye to eye view of warty pigs, Philippine crocodiles, and clouded leopards on a trip to the island and the jungle where you’ll discover a giant anteater, the elusive fossa, the pygmy hippo, and the world’s largest rat.


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