The 5 Factors Of A Strong Personal Injury Case

What makes a strong personal injury claim? Essentially, it comes down to 5 factors:

  • Swift Action
  • Permanent Injuries
  • Demeanor
  • Testimony
  • Hiring An Experienced Law Firm Like Fenters Ward

We will examine each of these factors in greater detail so that you will know what it takes to win your personal injury claim.

Swift Action

The sooner you take action after a personal injury, the stronger your claim will be. By “action,” we mean making an appointment with a doctor for medical evaluation, as well as contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Timeliness is especially important in car accident cases. If the claim is not filed soon enough, the car could be destroyed, and there goes some of your strongest evidence. If you are injured, call a doctor and lawyer right away.

Permanent Injuries

Personal injuries claims are also stronger when the injuries have lasting effects. Injuries that result in permanent medical conditions, prevent you from performing routine tasks, result in loss of income, or otherwise disrupt your daily life make for especially strong personal injury claims.

Personal injury cases also account for the impact that a particular injury could have on your future. While it can take a lifetime to recover from certain personal injuries, a personal injury case can provide you with the compensation you need.


Believe it or not, your demeanor could affect the strength of your personal injury claim. Unfortunately, this is a factor that many claimants overlook. Judges and juries take a hard look at your character during personal injury cases.

If you come off as greedy or dishonest, it will likely weaken your claim. If on the other hand, you are seen as honest and cooperative, it will strengthen your case considerably. Fortunately, this is one of the few factors that you have complete control over. Claimants are advised to act and dress accordingly.

Witness Testimony

Testimony can strengthen your case, especially the testimony of a neutral third-party. Such testimony establishes liability on the part of the accused. A police report indicating that you sustained an injury at the scene of a crash after being rear-ended is one example of neutral third-party evidence that can make your case.

A medical expert offering objective testimony in a medical malpractice case would be another. The more third-party evidence you have on your side, the stronger your case will be.

Hiring The Law Firm Of Fenters Ward

One of the most important factors in determining the outcome of a personal injury case is the quality of your legal representation. In general, hiring a more experienced and proficient lawyer means that you will win more compensation for your claim.

Too many times we have seen claimants build a strong case based on the previous four factors, only to have to settle for less because their attorney did not fight on their behalf. Do not make this mistake: call Fenters Ward at 412-301-9616 or submit a form on this webpage to get the quality legal help your case depends on. Fenters Ward has helped countless claimants win personal injury cases in Pennsylvania.

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