Take a Ride on The Duquesne Incline

If you plan to visit Pittsburgh for vacation, ensure you allocate the same time to visit The Duquesne Incline. This is a magical place to spend some quality time. The Duquesne Incline is an uphill trolley that carts visitors up to the top of Mount Washington. Further facts about Pittsburgh, PA can be found here.

What To Do

It takes you to a perfect vantage site in Mt Washington, which is above where the three famous rivers in Pittsburgh collide. There is a large viewing platform that extends over the cliff, and this makes a great sight for photographs, especially on a clear day. However, it’s advisable for you to wait and take the Duquesne Incline at night because it’s not crowded, and you will have a clear view of the well-illuminated city below you. When you reach the top, apart from admiring the sight, you can get into the small museum. You’ll learn more about the history of Pittsburgh and have a chance to see beautiful photographs. Alternatively, you can get a souvenir from the nearby gift shop. Additionally, there are some restaurants in the proximity of the upper station. Information about Places to Have Amazing Fun in Pittsburgh can be found here.  

If you just arrived at Pittsburg and you are looking for a place to spend a couple of hours, especially at night, make sure you hop at the Duquesne Incline and head to the top of Mount Washington.  

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