Premise Liability



29 Nov 2016


Joshua Ward


Personal Injury


Premises liability is an area of law pertaining to personal injury arising out of dangerous conditions which a land owner carelessly allows to exist on the property. Popular culture often reinforces a negative stereotype of fraudulent people faking injuries to make money. Rest assured, Pennsylvania courts and insurance companies take these injuries very seriously. If you are seriously injured or assaulted on someone else’s property, don’t assume that you were at fault.
The law understands that business owners encourage or ‘invite’ the public to their property for economic gain. Therefore, they have a heightened duty to identify potential safety hazards and prevent their occurrence. Premises liability cases may involve some or all of the following:


  • Ice and Snow;
  • Cracked or Pitted Pavement,
  • Asphalt or Concrete;
  •  Exposed Safety Hazards;
  • Faulty Equipment;
  • Faulty Staircase;
  • Failure to Remove Debris;
  •  Faulty Lighting;
  • Failure to Place Warning Signs; or
  • Failure to Provide Security;

The most common type of case is by far is the slip-and-fall, often due to ice accumulating on the property and irregularities in sidewalks or parking lots. Other times a victim is injured when working on another’s property. Our law firm has experience in complex ‘security cases’ which involve an assault by a third party while on the property. The duty to provide security programs, and the extent of that duty is a complex legal issue that only an experienced attorney should handle.

Premises liability cases are particularly time sensitive, because crucial evidence can be lost or destroyed if it is left in the hands of the property owner. Or a dangerous condition may be covered-up or removed. Every minute counts after you or a loved one is injured. Our attorneys will act quickly to make sure that evidence is preserved. Don’t wait to call. The initial consultation is free.


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