Places to Have Amazing Fun in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is not only known for its art and food; while those two rank top on the things-to-do list, there are also other fun family things you can do in this great city. With numerous things for children to do, you will have a great time as you enjoy. Visit this link for more information.

Andy Warhol Museum 

Situated a block east of PNC Park in the North Side, the Andy Warhol Museum is one of the largest single-artist museums in the country. Built-in a renovated warehouse, the museum holds seven floors that feature reproductions and educational exhibits dedicated to one of the renowned Pittsburghers. Visitors will view originals such as Brillo Boxes sculpture and the Elvis Presly painting together with many exhibits and artifacts.

With all that space, guests can get their pop art fix quickly. You’ll love the colorful pieces and appreciate learning more facts about Warhol’s life and innovative process. Read about to Learn the History of Pittsburgh at Point State Park here.

Market Square

The open space is situated at the intersection of Market Street and Forbes Avenue. It is surrounded by shops and restaurants. The place has been a meeting site for residents of Pittsburgh, and this is where the town’s first fail and court were built.

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