Pittsburgh, PA Is A Town for Nature Lovers

Popular Parks Around Pittsburgh

We all love to take a break from our daily routines and get lost in nature. Some would rather take a leisure stroll in their favorite park, go hiking with a group of friends, or even take the dog out for a walk. Whatever way you choose to go with it is usually quite therapeutic. Pittsburgh has a few parks that can accommodate this, and here are some of them. Further facts about  Pittsburgh, PA can be found here.

Schenley Park

Located right in the heart of the Oakland neighborhood, Schenley Park risen to become Pittsburgh’s civic park. The park is a massive four hundred and fifty-six acres of trails, woods, and plenty of attractions. Here you will find a host of events throughout the year and also plenty of activities such as ice skating and summer sports, swimming, golf and so much more. The beautiful trails also offer a refreshing escape from the city. Information about Pittsburgh, PA Is A Town for Museum Lovers can be found here. 

Point State Park

If you are looking for a place to enjoy panoramic views of the city, this must be the perfect place for you. Point State Park offers a place where you can relax and take a brae from whatever might be stressing you. The fountain is great for kids, and there is also plenty of recreational activities they can engage in.


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