Pittsburgh, PA Is A City for Watersports Adventure

 One for The Adrenaline Seekers

For those who love to enjoy the adventures of the water, Pittsburgh has plenty to offer. Here you will find different water activities from kayaking to canoeing, paddle boarding, and even fishing adventures. Visiting with a group of friends but not sure where to start from, here are a few good ideas. Visit this link for more information.

Kayak Pittsburgh

For the adventurous ones, kayaking offers a great way in which you can explore the city. With Kayak Pittsburgh, you get a river ride that gives you a great view of downtown Pittsburgh as well as breathtaking views on the other side of the river of the city spread over the hills. They offer solo kayaks and 2-people kayaks, which are ideal for those exploring with their families or a group of friends. See here for information about Fun Outdoor Activities in Pittsburgh, PA.

SurfSUP Adventures

If kayaking isn’t your cup of tea and you would rather go paddle boarding or surfing, this could be perfectly suited for you. SurfSUP Adventures is Pittsburgh trusted outfitters, and with them, you are guaranteed a good deal. They have paddle boards available for sale and rent and also have instructors who are always more than happy to take on anyone willing to learn.


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