Pennsylvania Debt Defense Video Series

If you’re being sued for old debt by a creditor, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Thousands of people in Pennsylvania experience the same harassing phone calls, letters, and emails regarding old debt that was purchased by a creditor.

This video series will outline the debt defense process in Pennsylvania, and why it’s important to hire an attorney like the Law Firm of Fenters Ward to represent you.

Introducing the Law Firm of Fenters Ward

Are you being sued by a debt collector like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Cavalry SPV, Discover Bank, Capital One Bank, LVNV Funding, or Americredit Finance?

Your chance of winning a debt collection lawsuit increases markedly if you hire an attorney from the Law Firm of Fenters Ward. Here’s why.

What is Magistrate Judgment?

When you stop payment for six months or more on a credit card, the company “charges it off.” Most credit card companies aren’t in the business of suing people, so they sell this debt in bulk, usually thousands or even tens of thousands at a time.

The debt buyer then starts the lawsuit process, seeking a default judgment. In order to prevent a default judgment against you, you’ll need to file an intent to defend—that is, that you mean to defend yourself in court against the debt buyer.

The Pennsylvania Debt Defense Process

When you hire the Law Firm of Fenters Ward as your debt defense attorneys, we show up to the magistrate hearing on your behalf, and represent you in front of the judge.

We specifically ask that you don’t attend the hearing, because this would give the creditor the right to cross examine you. No matter what you say, it becomes evidence toward meeting their burden of proof.

Your absence strategically gives their attorney only one outlet to prove their case, which is providing credit card statements and bills to the judge.

Repairing Your Credit

When you hire a debt defense attorney, we take immediate action to help protect your credit. One of the first things we do is file cease and desist notifications with creditors in order to stop them from harassing you.

The Tax Implications of Debt Defense

Old debt can affect your taxes in a myriad of different ways. It’s important to have an attorney you can trust help you throughout the process of reconciling your taxes and rebuilding your credit.

Hiring the Law Firm of Fenters Ward

When you hire the Law Firm of Fenters Ward, you’re enlisting the largest debt defense firm in the State of Pennsylvania as your ally against large debt buying companies. We’ll always act with your best interests in mind.

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