National Aviary in Pennsylvania – A Look at Pittsburgh

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the second-largest indoor aviary in the US. It is the largest in the state, and is the state’s largest aviary, accorded national “national” status by Congress. Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, it can be reached by a variety of public transportation. The airport shuttle service, Allegheny County Transit, offers a convenient and affordable way to commute to and from this facility. Pittsburgh, PA information can be seen at this link. 

The National Aviary is a beautiful structure that sits upon its own piece of land in Downtown Pittsburgh. The building itself is surrounded by a small park on the property’s perimeter, while its interior comprises a large number of large cages. The facility houses many different types of animals that come from all over the world. The most common species on the facility are African Greys, Cockatoos, Siamese fighting birds, and other exotic species. One of the reasons the facility has become so popular is because it provides the owners and handlers with the chance to interact with these exotic species, helping them develop a more positive bond with these creatures. See here for information about The Well-Known Pittsburgh Zoo And PPG Aquarium in Pennsylvania.

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh is one of the few aviaries in the entire world that can house exotic animals. The facility is truly a unique part of the city of Pittsburgh. It serves as an important educational center for children in the community of Pittsburgh. When you visit the facility and tour the grounds, you will soon understand why so many people travel to the area for a day of sightseeing and activity. The facility is also a safe and secure place to work with exotic animals, allowing owners to have a great time while protecting their animals from harm.

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