Defective Products



20 Nov 2016


Personal Injury



When you or a loved one is injured by a consumer product it can feel like your trust has been violated. Makers and sellers of consumer goods want you to believe their product is safe, so that you will spend your hard earned money. The law places liability upon all those in the chain of production responsible for the dangerous and defective products they create. This may include the manufacturer, wholesaler, installer and retail store owner.


Products liability law includes an infinite number of scenarios and products. A product could be anything from a synthetic drug, appliance, vehicle, or even a toothbrush. Many times a product does not perform or possess the same characteristics that the manufacturer warranted. Other times a product possesses or lacks something that is essential to make it safe for its intended use. When that causes an injury, you may be entitled to compensation.


Like any other personal injury suit it is important to keep it private. That means, no photos, no online posts, no text messages, etc. Also, you must do everything you can to ensure that evidence is preserved. Every second counts after you are injured. As time passes there is a risk that important evidence may be lost or destroyed, which may result in a total loss of your claim. Our office will ensure that evidence in the hands of potential defendants is preserved. Don’t wait to call.


Long before practicing law, Attorney Brian Fenters had a background in heavy highway construction, logistics, and industry. This gives our law firm a technical advantage over those lawyers that have never driven a tractor trailer, disassembled a piece of heavy machinery, or built a bridge. We have a deeper understanding of mechanics and technology than most. Which allows us to spot things that others might miss and explain very technical elements in a way that is easy to understand. When insurance defense firms see that we have a mastery of the case theory, it means a greater chance at settlement and/or a verdict in your favor. Give our law firm a call—we can help—the consulation is free.


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