When A Debt Collector Gets A Judgment Against You

Follow These Steps When A Debt Collector Gets A Judgment Against You If a debt collector sues you for debt and wins the case – or you ignore the case completely – the debt collector will win a judgment against you. A judgment allows the debt collector to come after you with highly aggressive tactics, … When A Debt Collector...

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How To Determine Fault In A Car Accident

Determining Fault In A Car Accident Can Be An Involved Process Determining fault in a car accident is not always easy, as there can be many steps involved in the process. Unfortunately, a car accident is one of the risks involved with driving a car. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation determined that, in one recent … How To Determine Fault...

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Can My Wages Be Garnished For Credit Card Debt?

Understanding Wage Garnishment And Credit Card Debt Many consumers in Pennsylvania worry that their wages may be garnished for credit card debt. Luckily for Pennsylvanians, wages cannot be garnished to pay credit card debt. In fact, credit card companies and debt collectors in Pennsylvania cannot even threaten to garnish your wages. Pennsylvania law prevents debt … Can My Wages Be...

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What Do Debt Buyers Do?

Understanding Debt Buyers In Pennsylvania Perhaps you have heard the term “debt buyer” and are wondering what it refers to, exactly. Debt buyers purchase debts (often at pennies on the dollar) then attempt to collect the full amount of the debt. Their main tool for collecting debt is the lawsuit: debt buyers in Pennsylvania file … What Do Debt Buyers...

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Pennsylvania Law Prevents Debt Harassment

Pennsylvania Law Protects You From Being Harassed By Debt Collectors Fortunately, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has laws in place to prevent debt collection harassment. The Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) is one such law. There are also federal laws that protect debtors in the United States. For example, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act … Pennsylvania Law Prevents Debt...

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Consumer Interest Rates in Pennsylvania | A Complete Guide

An Introduction To Interest Rates In Pennsylvania Pennsylvania residents have many options when it comes to borrowing money. Popular options in Pennsylvania include: Bank Loans Credit Card Loans Credit Union Loans Mortgage Loans Consumer Loans Auto Loans “Buy Here, Pay Here” Pawn Shops We will examine each of these options in greater detail, as they … Consumer Interest Rates in...

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